Business Security
By strategically locating security devices, PEI Monitoring has a unique ability to protect both people and property. We are the ONLY security provider on PEI that has our own remote storage infrastructure in place to provide you off-site storage capabilities and we guarantee customer satisfaction.

PEI Monitoring offers security systems for Business owners who want to monitor their businesses remotely, protect their premises from intrusion or simply act as a visual deterrent from thieves.  It has been proven that placing cameras in high traffic areas will decrease losses incurred by theft or vandalism.  Our security systems also monitor the smoke(fire alarm) and CO levels in place of work.

Give yourself the ability to view your office/business from a cellphone or computer by installing cameras that will alert you if someone is on the premises.

~  Business Security Systems
~  Cameras
~  Automated computer back-up
~  Off-site data storage for video

If you are not happy with or simply want to shop around or maybe bundle security monitoring with Off-Site backup of your video or computers, contact one of our representatives by email.