Medical Alarms

Have peace of mind knowing you're loved ones are safe!

PEI Monitoring can provide seniors with a personal emergency response system to ensure they get the a message out to their family or emergency contact person(s) and even have an ambulance dispatched if needed. Seniors are provided with medical alert panic button remotes that can be worn as a necklace, wrist band, or key chain. When activated , it will send a medical alert signal to our central station and in turn the emergency contact names will all be contacted.

Our system is reliable, easy to setup, install and test and is monitored 24 hours a day - 7 days a week - from our ULC (Underwriters Laboratories of Canada) -approved monitoring station.

Best of all, we are committed to your 100% satisfaction - if you are not completely happy with the monitoring service, we will cancel your service immediately with no penalty.

Special Offer: (No Contract! Month by Month Offer)

This system is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week by Armstrong's Communication, a ULC listed central monitoring station. With over 18 years of monitoring experience, you can be sure that paramedics, family members and neighbours will be notified in the case of an emergency.

All equipment is the property of PEI Monitoring and is to be returned to us upon termination of the monthly monitoring agreement. All this for just $34.95/ Month! During this set up, PEI Monitoring will test the system and educate the customer on how to use it.

Personal Emergency Reporting Console
Help is just a button away when you need it! Our personal Emergency Reporting Console features two-way voice capability (with optional VB4 voice board) and is suitable for temporary or permanent installations. Features include the ability for delayed inactivity reporting and a silent alarm feature. Installs easily in just minutes on your existing phone line.

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