Residential Security

PEI Monitoring offers state of the art security systems for home/cottage owners who simply want to know that their premises are secure. Secure yourself and family from not only an intruder but also monitor the smoke(fire alarm) and CO levels in your home. Give
yourself the ability to view your home/cottage from a cellphone or computer by installing cameras that will alert you if someone is on the premises.

~ Home Security Systems
~ Cameras
~ Panic Devices (In the form of a watch, necklace or key fob) ~ Automated computer back-up

One of the newer forms of harassment and theft are identity theft. People steal personal information for several reasons ranging from harassment of a family member to using the information to apply for credit. Here is a list of some of the typical information a thief
would look for:

* birth certificate
* SIN card
* credit cards
* bank account information
* medical records
* computer passwords
* vehicle
* ATM card
* driver's license

Some perpetrators who can't find enough "Quick Cash Items" would prefer your personal information for thefts and or harassment later on.

Facts About ID Theft:

* Victims are spending 40 hours or more to resolve their case. This is up from 33 hours in 2003.

* Due to astonishingly widespread corporate carelessness, over 46 million people have had their records lost or stolen in the first half of 2005 alone.

* Almost 50% of victims don't even know their identity was stolen. Peoples email address and other information can be sold to telemarketing firms.

The risk of your identity being stolen has become such a reality, that many of the major insurance companies are now including "Identity Theft Insurance" protection in the insurance policies for renters and homeowners.

You are vulnerable not only when your wallet, important papers and credit cards are stolen, but you must also protect the areas that lead to these items being stolen. For more information please contact the office.