Why You Need A Security System

In a perfect world, security wouldn't be needed!

PEI Monitoring got into home and business security as we ourselves were robbed twice, had property damaged on different occasions and felt PEI needed this type of service. 

Since we have opened PEI Monitoring we have received inquiries from many home and business owners. As well as those who go South for the winter and want to be able to see their properties online.

Recently, one of the newer forms of harassment and theft are identity theft.  People steal personal information for several reasonsranging from simple harassment of a family member to using the information to apply for credit. Here is a list of some of the typical information a thief would look for:

 Ask your self the question - Why should I get security?

~ Do I need to protect my home / business from break and enter?
~ If someone breaks into my property do I want to identify the theif?
~ Do I need my personal informaiton protected?
~ Do I need my business information in a secure enviroment should a fire break out or my computers are stolen or they crash?

If you are not happy with or simply want to shop around or maybe bundle security monitoring with Off-Site backup of your video or computers, contact one of our representatives